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Rules Quinfall - Forum Rules

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Quinfall - Forum Rules

  • 1. It is forbidden to write any kind of harassing and threatening messages containing insults and profanity against individuals or organizations in the forum.​
  • 2. It is forbidden to post any discriminatory messages about language, religion, race or any political issue.​
  • 3. It is forbidden to post personal information about individuals or organizations in the forum.​
  • 4. It is strictly forbidden to post +18 content.​
  • 5. It is forbidden to be a member of the forum with names contrary to the community rules. The forum name will be requested to be changed, otherwise the account will be suspended from the forum.​
  • 6. It is forbidden to post any kind of commercial, advertising and copyrighted content on the forum. For such content sharing, it is mandatory to contact the administration team first. Otherwise, the content shared by the forum administration will be deleted and the sharing account will be suspended from the forum.​
  • 7. It is forbidden for the same person to use more than one account. In case of detection, the person's access to forum content may be restricted by the forum administration.​
  • 8. The user is responsible for any problems that may occur on your computer as a result of link and program sharing between members through the forum. The site management accepts absolutely no responsibility. It is recommended that people who will access the content in this way should definitely run a virus scan beforehand.​
  • 9. Before sharing topics that have already been opened or questions that have already been answered, the forum should be scanned and shared by going to the title of those topics or questions. Users who cause forum pollution will be warned first, and if they continue, they may be banned from the forum by the Forum Management.​
  • 10. It is forbidden to flood, spam or make irrelevant posts after opening a topic in the forum or to keep your title up in a topic that has already been opened. In these actions, the Forum Administration has the right to delete without warning. The person may be banned from the forum as a result of continuing this. If you want to update your content, it is recommended that you update your first message by pressing the "edit" button.​
  • 11. Users who will open a topic must choose their titles in a way that expresses their content. Otherwise, topics may be updated by the forum administration in accordance with the content of the topic.​
  • 12. It is forbidden to make posts on the forum that cause unfair advantage in-game. Members who make posts that cause this will be banned from the forum and the game. Problems such as bugs and glitches should be reported to the management team.​
  • 13. In the Guilds & Friends, PVP and PVE categories, it is forbidden to make posts that will arouse hatred in the in-game community.​
  • 14. It is forbidden to post in the Media category; Creative Content, Fanart and Video subheadings, except for Vawraek Technology product Quinfall content. The topics of members who post otherwise will be removed and the member will be warned. If continued, the member will be suspended from the forum.​
  • 15. Forum admin and moderator have the right to change or delete content that does not comply with the rules.​
  • 16. Members who do not comply with the forum rules will be warned by the admin or moderator and will be suspended from the forum at the point of continuation of the behavior.​
  • 17. The forum member who posts in the forum is fully responsible for the topics opened and messages written in the forum. Vawraek Technology accepts no responsibility for the posts of individuals.​
  • 18. The right to update and renew the forum rules belongs to Vawraek Technology. It is reserved at all times.​
  • 19. Everyone who becomes a member of the forum is deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.​
Not open for further replies.