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feedback 3


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It's not feedback on the video.

Boss item drop = 100% drop X , Probability O
( Drops according to content updates = Don't lock it ) ex- 5 out of 2 items LOCK . ( It's not good. very very very )
1. Drop method
If there is a field boss, the drop method for the field boss seems to be important.
a. Distribute according to damage ranking.( Participation level Ranking ) ( ex = Only the number of people in the 1st to 5th places )
b. Distribute according to damage ranking.( Participation level Ranking ) ( ex = The 1st to 5th place is more likely to get items , The odds of getting 6th to 10th place are medium , Low probability for below rankings )
c. Only the last person to kill the monster
d. Only the first person damage to be bossed

*** If there is a field boss, in the case of a pvp server, the drop method can be one of the most important parts. ***
Development staff need to think about this part .. Unconditionally !!!!
( Some games are on a downward route..... if the development team think about it roughly )

2. party drop method
If you do a party player in the Dunjeon or field, it seems to be important.
a. Personal drop method
b. Party-wide Common Drop Method ( Dice in the party or an in-party auction or give up )

*** It's a part that can help with interest. ***

The game development team or management must think about this.


the pattern of monster
1. boss
2. The middle boss
3. General monster

Since it is a non-target game, I think there must be various patterns.
While conducting several tests, I hope to establish the development team's standards for the attack patterns of monster.


As the number of associations between guilds increases, there are more political parts between users in the game, which can cause stress in the game.
I don't want you to operate that induces politics between guilds in the game.
I think it's an operation that's not in line with the times these days.
I think it's good to have a single guild or one to two guilds united and strong.

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Hello. I think you have seen that we have taken the feedback of our players into consideration with our new videos. The wishes of our players will continue to be important to us, as they have been until now. I can say that I have forwarded your suggestions to the necessary units. Stay tuned! Thank you very much.